The new 2018 Maryland smoke detector law has created a lot of confusion among homeowners and Realtors alike. Homeowners are concerned that since it is a law will something happen to them for not being up to code. Realtors are concerned because when a homeowner sells, they take some liability in knowing the laws and what updates have to happen to bring a home up to code. 

I have created a video below to clear up a lot of the confusion and concern wrapped around the new law. Please remember one thing; the fire department does not barge into people's homes and arrest them for not having smoke detectors. The fire department is concerned, however, for the life safety of all individuals, it responds to. When the Office of the State Fire Marshall created this law, it was to instill the seriousness of having a smoke detector inside a home and making sure it works. I have included some resources below the video. Also, if you still have some concern, please do not hesitate to contact me. Call: 410-212-1503. I will be more than happy to give you the resources you need to make an appropriate decision. 


Office of the State Fire Marshal Media Release - Click Here!